The restaurant will be closed from mid-December through January due to renovations, but lodging is available and dining in the Mountain House Cafe will be available as well. 
 “Before” pictures of the Inn (including the menu) are on the website along with “after” pictures so some of the changes can be noted — but the biggest changes are still in progress and aren’t pictured yet: renovation of the kitchen and expansion of the Inn into the second and third floors of the Mountain House at 175 High Street, which includes opening a cafe, two additional guest rooms, and a hostel. 


  • Conveniently located on the first floor of the Inn, the restaurant offers popular cuisine featuring home-made specialties and healthy options, many of which are made from local products.
  • Only food purchased from the restaurant can be eaten at the tables during the hours the restaurant is open.
  • Each room contains a fridge and a  microwave.
  • Complimentary coffee and tea are available in each room.
  • A 24/7 Wal-Mart is located approximately 6 miles from the Inn, and a 7-11 is located about 2 miles from the Inn.
  • Alcohol can be brought to the Inn and consumed in  guest rooms and in the parlor and in our inside dining area.  According to the WV law, alcohol cannot be served on the front patios of the Inn.

Renovation Photos