Gift Baskets

The Shoppe provides an excellent selection of items appropriate for gift baskets --- and we can acquire special items not available in the Shoppe upon your request.


Gift baskets are customized according to your request and the price varies according to what you request. Most guests tell me how much they want to spend (generally $15 to $150) and give me a general idea of what they want, and then I prepare a basket accordingly.... :)

Some options that are often requested include:
__ Sparkling cider
__ Cheese (usually Brie, Camembert, Gouda, Edam, Smoked Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone
__ Bread (usually Sourdough, Rye, French, Italian, Whole Wheat) loaves or rolls) and/or crackers
__ Chocolate (usually a chocolate bar such as Cadbury's or a small box of assorted chocolates such as a Whitman sampler)
__ Fruit (usually apples, pears, oranges, grapes)

I'll provide these items in a basket, along with wine glasses, a cutting board, small plates, and a knife. These items should be returned to me unless you specify that you want to keep them, in which case I will charge you for whatever items you want to keep.

Also, I can arrange to have a bouquet of fresh flowers and/or balloons in the room --- again, the price varies according to what you request.

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Current Specials

• Special packages for special groups (Scouts, churches, children, teens, seniors, hikers, bicyclists, musicians, internationals…)

• A 50% mid-week (Wednesday) military discount for men and women on active duty.

• A free night after 6 consecutive nights at full cost

• Customized packages that include lodging, meals, local transportation, and activities

• Customized packages for special events (retreats, reunions, wedding and other celebrations) that include lodging, food/beverages, entertainment, and other aspects of hospitality.

• Customized packages for special interests (Wineries, History, Shopping)

• Winter Getaway Discounts from 15 January - 15 March (excluding holidays) available upon request:

(1) 30% off Weekdays (Monday through Thursday) for groups renting the entire second and third floors of the Inn, which includes all 3 Guest Rooms and the Parlor. Enjoy a wonderful family reunion, staff retreat, or gathering of friends from your church, school, or other organizations, such as special interest clubs, volunteer organizations, etc.

(2) 20% off Weekdays (Monday through Thursday) for individuals, couples, or small groups renting 1 or 2 rooms. Enjoy time together or time alone engaged in wonderful winter activities both indoors and outdoors, away from home and work routines and the hustle and bustle of urban / suburban lifestyles.

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