Sundry/ Snack/Supply &Gift Shoppe





The Shoppe contains an extensive collection of toiletries, supplies, snacks and gifts tthat are priced as marked. Contact anyone on the staff to pay for items you wish to purchase or request items you want to purchase but did not see on the shelves.

Examples of the items available in the shoppe include:

* Deodorant   
* Hand/Body Lotion           
* Mouthwash           
* Shampoo    
* Suntan Lotion            
* Insect Repellent   
* Toothpaste/Toothbrush          
* Brush / Comb                     
* First Aid Kit           
* Flashlight     

* Snacks such as candy, cheese/crackers, popcorn, trail mix, and local products 

* Beverages such as soda, juice, water,  hot chocolate and local apple cider and locally ground coffee.

* Microwave & Instant Meals such as oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches, mac & cheese, peanut butter/jelly, pizza, pot pies, etc.



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Current Specials

• Special packages for special groups (Scouts, churches, children, teens, seniors, hikers, bicyclists, musicians, internationals…)

• A 50% mid-week (Wednesday) military discount for men and women on active duty.

• A free night after 6 consecutive nights at full cost

• Customized packages that include lodging, meals, local transportation, and activities

• Customized packages for special events (retreats, reunions, wedding and other celebrations) that include lodging, food/beverages, entertainment, and other aspects of hospitality.

• Customized packages for special interests (Wineries, History, Shopping)

• Winter Weekday Getaway Discounts from 15 January - 15 March (excluding holidays maybe) available upon request:


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